Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My imperfect perfect home

It is way back in 2007. One of my friend visited my home. He pinpointed about broken handle of fry pan/blunt (not very blunt) knife and many imperfection in my house. I was irritated; but i could not register my irritation in front of him due to lack of any rational answer (thank God atleast i didnt argue hard without any reason even then). That friend has recently met me and this time too i could have sesnsed same sense of immaturity which i found in him two years back. But thanks to him or circumstances, i was able to get answer to long pending question which was ever into back of my mind.
It is our home.....everybody's home which is highest manifestation of imperfections so perfectly weaven that it looks like most perfect thing in the world. Home teaches us many things....How to tolerate..not only tolerate but humbly accept others drawbacks. Moreover we learn to live happily in all circumstances. We tend to respect our parents/ elders despite their povery, lack of status. Even when they rebuke and scold us, we naturally forget it and doesnot harbour any grudge against them. This is the beauty of imperfect perfect home.
It is not the things, gadgets or luxury in the home which makes it great, rather it is warmth in the relations which makes all the difference. Happy home is not which possess maximum, but is one where members respect and love each other. And that is paramount.