Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Convictions and contentment

Whar are convictions? To my understanding, its something which your heart says is true and genuine. How many people dare to go with their convictions. I think...very few...and those few receive the wrath of society. Moreover, on many occassions people tries to prove them wrong and make them an object of laughter. But convictions are convictions and it is their true test....Because if the person doesn't succumb to the pressure, then convictions are strong and the strong convictions make people strong.
Be it Galileo, Martin Luther King or mahatma Gandhi....all were people with great courage and conviction. One important thing about these graet men was that although during their life time, people have criticized them, but history remember them with great respect and honour. Thus....follow your heart and true to your may not bring money and success...but it surely brings a lot of contentment.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Yoga for rejuvenation

If one is heading towards a destination in car, then he cannot have excuse of not filling the tank because of non availability of time, as he could not reach the destination without requisite fuel. same is true with our health. We usually make excuse of our busy schedule and thus neglect our health, but we fail to make a point that we will be heading to major disastre if at any point we ignore health issues. It was greatly emphasized in Yoga camp of Baba Ram Dev held in Jhakri. In this five days camp i realized many truths. One without healthy body, we cannot have health mind. second it is we, ourselves, who could be held responsible for our bodies. third, rejuvenation of body helps in increasing our confidence and thus our mind and soul also enriches. Fourth, healthy body and healthy mind is able to direct itself towards the betterment of society.
One thing which i was thinking is that Baba Ram Dev has demystified Yoga to a level where even common man practices it and dreams of a healthy life without spending lakhs of rupees on medical facilities. What Mahatama Gandhi does with Congress, Swami Ram Dev does with Yoga. Mahahtama Gandhi turned congress from an elitist orgainzation to mass movement. In the same manner, Baba Ram Dev has taken Yoga from drawing rooms of some to the whole masses of the country. He has been able to draw attention of youth, because he beleives in doing and not marely preahing. Hats off to Baba Ram dev. He truly deserves Bharate Ratna and Noble Peace Prize.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Help Me

Its strange, when you don't know what you are writing....but you are writing....maybe its something inside your mind, which wants an outlet; but doesn't know what exactly it want to express. Can we call this state of mind 'Natural' or it is quite unnatural on your part. Oh my God...its philosophical or straight or an phenomenon which does not carry any tag. But it is surely something which is troubling your mind and which is agitating and creating whirlpool in your infinite mind. But question remains the same....what is it....maybe our mind doesn't know what it is...or may be it doesn't want to accept what it already knows. Or may be some reader could suggest the me.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Be Special (Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach)

Fantastic morale booster book. Jonathan Livingston seagull is an ordinary seagull except his power of dreamig big. He wants to challenge the status quo and in his incessant struggle for betterment he breaks all the rules of the game. He was outcasted for this; but then what....whenever somebody tries to attempt used to ridicule and discourage. What happenend to Copernicus and Galileo, inspite of them right, they were ridiculed, teased and even punished. But like them, seagull was also sure of his convictions and that was perhaps his strong point....that he never feared from failure. He was able to overcome his limitations with patience, consistency and hard work. No body is special, divine and extraordinary or everybody is special, divine and extraordinary. We just need that attitude..." if he can do it why can't we" and that type of attitude helped in making Jnathan livingston seagull a special seagull. We also need dormant Jonathan inside us to wake up and become special.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sarvodya or swaranodaya

Yesterday was Gandhi Jayanti. Congress District Presidents were to spend the night with Dalits as a symbolic gesture. They were doing politically correct thing and were upright in doing so. According to some news repors Mayawati was nervous. I felt good and bad about whole drama. Good....because atleast this will help in highlighting some of problems being faced by dalits and downtrodden. Moreover, may be, good sense of some of our politicians may prevail and they may become atleast half consciouos of dalits' issues. I felt bad because after so many of years after independence we haven't been able to solve the problem of poverty. Morever our leaders are hardly serious about finding any permanent and institutional soution to these problems. In this backround the gesture seems more like hypocratic expression then genuine concern.
Gandhiji's dream of Sarvodya seems to be vanishing in the backgroung.