Friday, September 25, 2009

Fail and learn

I fear from failure and therefore alwyas takes one step backward whenever its about taking to new ventures. Pathetic........if I ever think like this, because it actually stops me to grow. If I am too scared of failure, then I will always be away from the success. Mahatama Gandhi's biggest strenght was to try new things and then stick to his covictions. He also failed.....rather failed many times. But every failure give him new insights and give him a sort of experience which otherwise he couldn's have gained. That means great men are no different...They all are same....but the thing which makes them different is their dedication and curiosity to learn new things. Bottom line remains the same.....keep on trying, don't get discouraged from failure and then one day, in this process you will find your calling which will lead you to awaited destination.

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