Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Keep on learning

We have an irony. Jug Surairya in TOI has rightly said that the moment we start teaching, we stop learning. When we were in colleges, we used to think that we will be doing the unthinkable and we will be conquering the impossible. But after getting our jobs, we tend to vegetate and in a sense stop living our dreams. It becomes same bloody monotonous routine, and we hardly find time for introspection and inner overhauling. We stop chasing our goals. That is a vicious circle which actually drains all our ideological aspirations and means to an end actually becomes end itself.
But there are few who keeps thirst for knowledge (or their dreams) alive and thus contribute not only to society, but to themselves also. They don’t let circumstances or sluggishness to overpower their ambitions. Rather tough time makes them even tougher. So, if you have penchant for something and you make efforts for that, then it is certain that you are going to become master of that field and ultimately going to find contentment in that, which is and should be the ultimate goal of any individual in this earthly life.