Wednesday, November 18, 2009


its the struggle between faith and hard work or I am perceiving it wrongly. I dont know, but, i certainly started realizing that all faith and no hard work can make you lazy and sluggish and nothing else. Moreover to have 100% focus on particular thing was not that simple & easy and never it ll be. Talking about conviction doesn't show that you have conviction. it need actually great amount of effort and courage first to undersatnd and know about your own conviction. People might be realizing it later...may be so late that the moment come after the death....but then so what..its your innerself which should be satisfied and nobody elses. I also started realizing that to realize your convictions you have to unlearn so many things which you are litening from your childhood and which has already been reinforced in your personality. You actually need neves of steel to go against them...but again these are the convictions and they doesn't go easy.

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