Saturday, November 28, 2009


i was thinking...if it is necessary that u follow your parents blindly or it is important to think rationally and act.i couldn't draw any conclusion...but i tried to think on this fragile yet important topic. One thing which became obvious to me that parents intent is always good. They are almost thinking for the betterment of their children. But it is not true that they are always right. i have seen in many cases when somebody's parents act stubborny and in their quest to satisfy their parent ego, their adult ego got sidelined. What to do in those cases. Question is complex and there can not be made any generalizations in this regard, because in many cases you have to pamper the parents ego inspite of the fact that u knows that they are wrong. In this quest one thing should always be borne in mind that parents might be harsh on you not only one two or three time but on unlimited occassions....but at no point of time u could be harsh on them. Our existence si due to them and this fact make them above us...always...yes but you could disobey them on reasonable occassions nd that too with all humility nd goodness.

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