Friday, January 8, 2010

Racial Profiling

Recently USA has announced that visitors from 14 counties will have to go through stringent security checks before entering into the Amercan soil. Interstigly India is not in the list. But question is still there...whether racial profiling of such a nature is good. Country which has majority white population with black president doesn't deserve to start such a mischief. Noble Laureate Venkatraman Ramakrishnan admitted recently that he was troubled many times in American airports in the name of security.....he very interstingly added that if you clear your beard, half of your trouble is over....cynical...Sharukh Khan was detained for hours just because his name resembled to an Al Quaida terrorist. Most embarrasing thing happened when our former defense minister was stipped naked for securty reasons. Money Shankar Aiyar rightly (Almost) said that if India is a developing country then America is a developing civilization and on this front it need to learn many things from India.
But my view is that even India is racial to an extent that we borrowed age long concept of caste even to 21st cetury. It was during the Big Boss show when Shilpa Shetty was so called racially abused and that Indians at large were hurt (again so called). But then we very proudly promote fairness creams. We have gone to an extent, when, it is promoted that there is need of separate creams/ face wash etc. for men and women. The consumerism in our society has reached at a level which could surely not be called civil at all. So are we less racial or just pretend to be non- racial.

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