Friday, October 2, 2009

Sarvodya or swaranodaya

Yesterday was Gandhi Jayanti. Congress District Presidents were to spend the night with Dalits as a symbolic gesture. They were doing politically correct thing and were upright in doing so. According to some news repors Mayawati was nervous. I felt good and bad about whole drama. Good....because atleast this will help in highlighting some of problems being faced by dalits and downtrodden. Moreover, may be, good sense of some of our politicians may prevail and they may become atleast half consciouos of dalits' issues. I felt bad because after so many of years after independence we haven't been able to solve the problem of poverty. Morever our leaders are hardly serious about finding any permanent and institutional soution to these problems. In this backround the gesture seems more like hypocratic expression then genuine concern.
Gandhiji's dream of Sarvodya seems to be vanishing in the backgroung.

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