Monday, October 26, 2009

Yoga for rejuvenation

If one is heading towards a destination in car, then he cannot have excuse of not filling the tank because of non availability of time, as he could not reach the destination without requisite fuel. same is true with our health. We usually make excuse of our busy schedule and thus neglect our health, but we fail to make a point that we will be heading to major disastre if at any point we ignore health issues. It was greatly emphasized in Yoga camp of Baba Ram Dev held in Jhakri. In this five days camp i realized many truths. One without healthy body, we cannot have health mind. second it is we, ourselves, who could be held responsible for our bodies. third, rejuvenation of body helps in increasing our confidence and thus our mind and soul also enriches. Fourth, healthy body and healthy mind is able to direct itself towards the betterment of society.
One thing which i was thinking is that Baba Ram Dev has demystified Yoga to a level where even common man practices it and dreams of a healthy life without spending lakhs of rupees on medical facilities. What Mahatama Gandhi does with Congress, Swami Ram Dev does with Yoga. Mahahtama Gandhi turned congress from an elitist orgainzation to mass movement. In the same manner, Baba Ram Dev has taken Yoga from drawing rooms of some to the whole masses of the country. He has been able to draw attention of youth, because he beleives in doing and not marely preahing. Hats off to Baba Ram dev. He truly deserves Bharate Ratna and Noble Peace Prize.

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