Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Convictions and contentment

Whar are convictions? To my understanding, its something which your heart says is true and genuine. How many people dare to go with their convictions. I think...very few...and those few receive the wrath of society. Moreover, on many occassions people tries to prove them wrong and make them an object of laughter. But convictions are convictions and it is their true test....Because if the person doesn't succumb to the pressure, then convictions are strong and the strong convictions make people strong.
Be it Galileo, Martin Luther King or mahatma Gandhi....all were people with great courage and conviction. One important thing about these graet men was that although during their life time, people have criticized them, but history remember them with great respect and honour. Thus....follow your heart and true to your may not bring money and success...but it surely brings a lot of contentment.

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